Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my site!
My name is Elaine McKeown and I'm a Shamanic Practitioner,& drum maker;
Fire Walk Instructor. RASA Reiki & Seichem Master/Teacher. Fully Accredited Meditation Teacher. Fully Accredited Crystal Healer

I am based in Yarm, Stockton on Tees, Cleveland, UK
For healing & workshops please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.


Shamanic Worlds Workshop Sunday 25th Nov 10-4.30pm
This workshop brings initial understanding of deep shamanic heritage available to all of us. 
You will have opportunity to experience the magical nature of invisible reality surrounding us.

You will be guided into the Shamanic cosmos - Lower World and Upper World, & to Shamanic Journeying.

You will Meet your own Guides in the Lower World and in the Upper World.
Plus you will connect with a new guide that with give you a cloak of protection to move around safely in middle world journeying.

You will also be guided through a past life shamanic journey, to clear stuck energy that has been brought forward into this life. 

You will need to bring a notepad, a blanket & some food for the shared lunch. 
Drinks & snacks provided through the day.
Workshop is £50 (non refundable deposit of £20 is payable on booking your place)
Please contact me for more info or to book your place xx

Reiki 2 practitioner level Sunday 26th Nov 10.30 - 4.30pm

Some people who have done Reiki first degree then wish to take their Reiki empowerment a step further. 

Reiki second degree strengthens your ability to channel Reiki, it also introduces you to six ancient symbols which are the keys to distant, emotional and mental healing via various methods ie: power balls & even teddy bears!! 

Reiki two enables you to work on life issues in a powerful way, it often develops your intuition and self-awareness and connects you more closely to your path. 

Cost normally £145

Special offer for this workshop £120

Please let me know if you would like to attend

Egyptian Cartouche Attunement Sunday 3rd Dec 10.30 - 4pm
The Egyptian Cartouche initiations bring about a state of heightened awareness and clarity. 
These wonderful energies can be used to enhance healing, psychic work and personal development.
It also serves to open the heart to love and compassion, thus greatly assisting the flow of healing energy. 
The Cartouche acts as a bridge between the mundane world and the higher spheres, allowing you contact with the Higher Self. 
It is based on ancient Egyptian knowledge, and combined with the Reiki Seichem, becomes a powerful working energy to benefit and empower all healing, magical and psychic work. 
The day will consist of 25 initiations into ancient Egyptian archetypal energies. These energies are described in Murray Hope's book 'The way of the Cartouche'.
The initations are open to anyone, not necessarily people initiated into Reiki/Seichem. The Cartouche initiations are said to awaken the qualities inherent in the human soul.
Places are limited to 3
£95* (includes accredited certificate & manual)
Extra £50 to be attuned to masters (pre requisite - Sechem Masters)
*£25 deposit required to secure your place (non refundable)

Manifestation & Abundance Techniques Accelerated by Archangel Michael 
Sunday 28th Jan 2018 10.30 - 4.30pm
Includes 2 manual attunements to prosperity and abundance opening.
£40 (incl. manual)
This workshop includes extremely powerful karma clearing, cord cutting, DNA activation and cellular clearance going back seven generations of your ancestors so that you can be fully cleared of blocks to be free to manifest. 
Click on page for more information

Drum Birthing Workshop Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Bring your very own 16" Stag/Deer or Horse shamanic drum into the world. £160
A very special & personal tool, & a very magical experience.
The day will involve ceremony, journey work & honouring the space & the animal.
£50* deposit required upon booking then balance 3 weeks before event.

Now taking names/interest for...

Shamanic Practitioner Training 1 year course Sept 2018

Please Telephone me for bookings/enquiries 07933 718368
(*non refundable deposit required please see deposits page)