I've been on my 'spiritual journey' for as long as I can remember, I've always been 'spiritually empathic'; I read the Tarot in my 20's & 30's; but it wasn't until I hit "40" that Reiki found me!

I love Shamanism & energy work, and I feel that I've finally found, spiritually, what has always been missing in my life!
Oh, & you can't beat a good fire too!

My passion is all things Norse, and I'm currently studying Seidr Norse shamanism.

My formal Shamanic practitioner training has been at Lendrick Lodge, Scotland. 
My teacher was Stephen Mulhearn who was trained by Sandra Ingerman. 

I've also had the honour of being taught by Gregory “Woody” Gruber who has studied and worked with many indigenous medicine people as well as master teachers Sandra Ingerman, Peggy Dylan, Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche, and Betsy Bergstrom. 
He is Chief of the Fire at Crow Dog’s Paradise, the largest Lakota Sundance in the world where he has worked for twelve years.

My training is forever ongoing, through , teachers, experience, Mother Earth, & Great Spirit.

I feel that it is my souls purpose, to bring the joy, wonder, & faith in life, back to each of my clients. 

All therapies are done in my calm, healing space in Yarm; all you need to do is relax! I will supply soft pillows, warm blankets, & a 'luxury memory foam' treatment bed!
Choose from:
Shamanic Healing

Power Retrievals £60 approx. 2 hours

Soul Retrievals £60 approx. 2 hours

Extraction Medicine £60 approx. 2 hours

Chakra Drumming, Chakra Balance, & Aura cleanse £30 45mins

Energy Healing

Seichem (Ancient Egyptian)
Crystal Healing

Chakra balance with Aura Cleanse

Archangel Michael Ascension Healing 
Brings in Divine Energy through Archangel Michael for deep healing, cord cutting, empowerment and anything you may need at this moment in time. 

1 to 1 Meditation 

Spiritual guidance/ counselling

All 60mins £30 / 30mins £20

 ***Please note: men by recommendation only***