Shamanic Transformation The Judge & Victim Self

Sunday 15th Sep. 11 - 4pm

In this workshop we will be transforming the negative aspects within ourselves, that of the Judge & Victim.
Both of them have developed and grown over our lifetime since birth, caused by various events.
You will journey to meet these aspects within you, meeting them, addressing them, then learning how to transform them within your life
We will also journey too meet our amazing future selves
You will also need to bring three palm sized stones to create a reminder of when you have experienced & released.

** It has personally helped me immensley **

This workshop has limited spaces available , costs £50 pp
£20 non refundable deposit to secure your place

Lunch will be food share, & I will provide drinks & snacks throughout the day.

(This is not an accredited course & is for personal healing only)