Manifestation & Abundance Techniques 
Accelerated by Archangel Michael Workshop 
Sunday 19th May 2019 10.30am til 4.30pm

Includes 2 manual attunements to prosperity and abundance opening.
£50(incl. manual)
This workshop includes extremely powerful karma clearing, cord cutting, DNA activation and cellular clearance going back seven generations of your ancestors so that you can be fully cleared of blocks to be free to manifest. 

During this workshop, which will include exercises and guided meditations, allow the Great Archangel Michael and angels to truly bring your dreams into reality by removing blocks and taking you through the steps to manifest all the desires of your heart and soul. 

You will be guided to see yourself as you would really like to be with all your requirements fulfilled and then be shown how the angels are here to support you in bringing this into reality! You will be taught a truly amazing manifesting technique that takes a maximum of five minutes a day to practice. Know that your life's purpose is fulfilled in your highest reality – come and make your dreams come true. 

Believe in Miracles!