Anyone can learn how to use this simple and effective healing technique. It can help you whatever your walk of life. 
Reiki is a wonderful way of ‘moving on,’ it often acts as a catalyst for growth and change, plus you get wonderfully healing hands to use on yourself and others anytime. Reiki is an ancient healing systems which involves the transference of concentrated and natural healing energy. 
Reiki (pronounced ray-key). Reiki is a simple healing art, ANYONE can learn how to use. Reiki is in three levels, each level attuning the participant to higher degrees of healing energy. All the workshops are conducted in a caring and supportive environment. Classes are kept small, allowing for the bonding of the group and feeling of family.  Making the decision to do a Reiki workshop means that you are acknowledging your desire to further your spiritual and personal growth. This is not just a way of doing hands on healing, it becomes a way of life. This is a very important stage on your path and if you want to call to have a chat about the classes please feel free to call. It is essential to feel "in tune" with your Reiki master in order to fully experience the 'magic' of the workshop and want to stay in contact for continued support.

Reiki First Degree
Reiki first degree opens you up to the wonderful gift of Reiki. Following a Reiki one class you will be able to channel Reiki energy for yourself and others, this ability will remain with you for the rest of your life! Reiki first degree involves learning about the history, principles and theory of Reiki. Following a Reiki one class you are encouraged to do regular self-treatments and to begin to explore your use of Reiki on others, and in many areas of your life.Cost £95
Distant Teddy Bear Healing
Reiki Second Degree
Some people who have done Reiki first degree then wish to take their Reiki empowerment a step further. Reiki second degree strengthens your ability to channel Reiki, it also introduces you to six ancient symbols which are the keys to distant, emotional and mental healing via various methods ie: teddy bears!! Reiki two enables you to work on life issues in a powerful way, it often develops your intuition and self-awareness and connects you more closely to your path. Cost £145
Reiki Master / Teacher level
Third degree is a further empowerment to Reiki. If you have an inner-knowíng that you should take your Masters you will also know when you are ready to take this momentous step. The Masters workshop is a major acknowledgement of your spiritual and personal growth, it allows you, if you wish, to teach Reiki to others. Full support is given following this class. Reiki masters £395