Seichem (pronounced say-keem) works in the same way as Reiki, with hands placed on the body, but in addition hands may be working in the aura which surrounds the body. 

It is reputedly one of the healing arts practised in ancient Egypt. Reiki is one of the four elemental rays which make up Seichem - earth (Reiki), water, air and fire.

Seichem connects with our higher selves to establish healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.The energy is used to heal and stimulate personal development and growth. Spellings of the word differ but it always means 'power' in a spiritual sense.

Seichem is an evolving system, which is very powerful. Seichem often enhances psychic awareness and intuition. Seichem includes Reiki. 

Seichem First Degree 
(For anyone who has Reiki first degree or higher
Seichem attunes you to all four elemental healing rays of earth (Reiki), fire (Sakara), water (Sophi-El) and air (Angeliclight). Following a Seichem attunement you will feel the difference in your healing straight away. We work with techniques for mental and emotional healing, plus a variety of ways of guiding and releasing energy. Cost £75 

Seichem Second Degree
In this level of Seichem you are introduced to a variety of symbols and distant healing techniques. £95 if you have previously done Reiki second degree.

Seichem Mastership.
Third degree is a further empowerment of Seichem. If you have an inner-knowíng that you should take your Masters you will also know when you are ready to take this momentous step. The Masters workshop is a major acknowledgement of your spiritual and personal growth, it allows you, if you wish, to teach Seichem to others. Full support is given following this class.
Seichem Masters £350 (prerequisite Reiki Masters)